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Frequently Asked Questions


I still don’t see my tokens, where are they?

Upon sending ETH to the contribution address, you should receive your LNR within a few confirmations. If you aren’t seeing them after that then, depending on the wallet you use, you may have to “watch” the token. If that is the case, please use LNR’s token address: 0x0C29c5A975e44eaAeF500AF91119D927bCD47376. If you don’t want to have to do this, we recommend using Parity — it features LNR by default and you won't run into any trouble with your wallet 'forgetting' the contract, which sometimes happens with Mist.

Do you have a timeline for all milestones?

Of course! We’ll begin trading with public funds beginning the first of December. At this time you will be able to begin tracking LNR’s value on our site. In the first quarter of 2018, we will have our buy-back contract live (the exact timing of this is dependent on third-party Smart Contract audits, but we’ll be providing updates along the way). Near the end of Q1 or the beginning of Q2, we hope to have the desktop/web version of our Sentiment Contribution app up and running. And if all goes as planned, we’ll have the mobile version live in Q3.

How do I receive fund profits?

In order to receive any fund profit, all you do is hold LNR. As we begin trading with contributed funds, the value of the fund will increase as we make profitable trades. 90% of these profits will be reinvested into the fund and, since the value of LNR is tied directly to the value of the fund, as such, the value of each LNR token will increase. If you ever want to exit the fund or realize any profits, we will buy back any number of tokens at their current value through the buy-back contract.

I’d rather not sell my LNR, why aren’t you doing an “Airdrop”?

There are several reasons for this. For one, the quantity of LNR is fixed (non-mintable) and all publicly available tokens are sitting in our Join Contract. Secondly, Airdrops are considerably less cost-efficient than our model and the tx fees would cut into everyone’s margin. And most importantly, immediate reinvestments of profit will allow the fund to efficiently capitalize on compounding growth — which is pretty much the main reason you are here!

I don't see any recent trades on Twitter, are you guys still active?

Yes. We are always active. Sometimes we are less active during times of high-uncertainty in order to avoid unnecessarily risky trades, but we still very active in the background. Besides entering long or short positions (the trades that you see on Twitter), we are also optimizing our portfolio every moment of every day -- we just don't make that information public.

When will LUNAR begin trading with public funds?

We will officially begin trading on 1 December 2017. This gives more than enough time for anyone interested to participate in the fund and will allow us to easily track and report performance on a monthly basis.

How can I track the value of LNR?

See the 'LNR' section at the top of this page? If you're ever curious about the current value of your investment, just navigate to that page. We will be expanding on this page as we grow (to include trended value, recent trades, profitability, portfolio information, etc.) but that will always be your go-to resource for any questions about how the fund is performing.

What happens to the profits that are not reinvested?

This is used to incentivize current and future fund managers/analysts to deliver you strong performance and profitability. In case there is any confusion around our fees, let us elaborate. Our business model is completely performance-driven. If the managers of this fund do not deliver profitability, then they do not get paid. There are no other fixed costs or management fees. Additionally, we employ our own variation of what’s known as a High-Water Mark fee model. Meaning, that if we do not earn profitability beyond the appreciation (or depreciation) of the ETH contributed (in this context, referred to as the baseline), then we do not take our fee. We do not take our fee on the appreciation of the ETH that you contribute. We only take our fee when we deliver performance beyond baseline. This is assessed on a monthly basis.

What is Sentiment Contribution?

Sentiment Contribution (name subject to change), will be an application (a web app at first, then a mobile version later in the year) that will allow you or anyone else to provide market sentiment data for the cryptocurrencies that the fund invests in. Why would anyone do that? Well, in return for providing how you feel about crypto, you will receive... crypto (ETH)! Pretty cool, huh?

When will LNR be available on exchanges?

We are currently working with some of the more 'token-forward' exchanges to get LNR listed but we don't expect this to happen until we have more tokens in circulation. Additionally, this is a somewhat lower priority compared to the buy-back contract, Sentiment Contribution app, and fund management.